Yoga for Runners & Athletes

All online classes are delivered via private Facebook groups  -  this means that you can access the classes at a time that suits you and they will remain available to you for the duration of the course, giving you the opportunity to practice at your own pace and revisit as often as you like.

Not on Facebook?   Contact me about how you can access these courses.

The Course

A programme exploring yoga-based postures, sequences and practices designed to:

  • Improve flexibility, suppleness and freedom of movement

  • Develop core strength; abdominals, glutes, pelvic stability

  • Aid post-run recovery reduce the risk of sports related injury

  • Improve posture, breathing mental focus and clarity

  • Restore a sense of balance to the body

All participants will receive:

  • One hour Sport Yoga lesson per week 

  • Additional express yoga class (approx 15/20 mins) with a complimentary focus to your weekly class.  For example: core work, feet/ankle mobility, breath work for improved sports performance or guided recovery relaxation

  • Access to the private Facebook group community - share ideas and comments, feedback and support

  • Unlimited access to all lessons in the private Facebook group for the six week half term - meaning you can return to any class, at any time during the course period.

The forthcoming half term runs from Monday 22nd February to Monday 29th March, with the final express class on Thursday 1st April.

Investment: £54

If you are interested in a Pay As You Go option for Yoga for Runners and Athletes, please contact me using the email button below or via the Contact Us page. 

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