Yoga For Runners And Athletes

As a regular runner, I've experienced first hand the benefits that a regular yoga practice has on my running.  I began offering regular post-run stretch guidance for Mel's Milers running club, which I've been a member of for several years....... and from this the regular programme of Yoga for Runners and Athletes has evolved. 

Strong  ~  Stable  ~  Supple

 Five-week programmes exploring yoga based postures, sequences and practices designed to:

Improve flexibility, suppleness and freedom of movement
-  Develop core strength; abdominals, glutes, pelvic stability
-  Aid post-run recovery reduce the risk of sports related injury
-  Improve posture, breathing mental focus and clarity
-  Restore a sense of balance to the body  


Yoga for Runners & Athletes Timetable

Monday 8.00-9:15pm

(Roffey Millennium Hall, Crawley Road, Horsham, RH12 4DT)


Thursday 9:30am-10:45am

(The Yoga Batch Studio, Comptons Lane, Horsham RH12 5NZ)

Forthcoming courses:


N.B: Coronavirus Update
~ In light of the current situation, yoga classes are currently being delivered online and are subject to an updated timetable.

Current students ~ You will have received your invite to join our 'Yoga for Runners & Athletes' private Facebook group, where you can find virtual classes, information and support.

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