Sofa to Yoga

New for 2021, this online five-week course is an ideal way to start your yoga journey, or to get back into some mindful movement if you've had a bit of a break away from yoga.


Weekly classes will be delivered via Zoom and you'll also have the option to join a private Facebook Group, where you can access an additional weekly express class, top hints and tips, and support and ideas from other course members.


Sofa to Yoga Course

Maybe you've heard of Couch to 5K?  Perhaps now is the time to try Sofa to Yoga?!


Ideal for beginners to yoga or for those returning after a break away, this five week course will introduce you to key postures and practices to help you move well, breathe well and live well.

Starts: Wednesday 13th January at 6:30pm


All participants will receive:

  • An initial introductory session

  • Weekly one hour yoga lesson delivered via Zoom - a recording will be available for a limited time if you are unable to make the live class time or should you wish to take the practice again

  • Access to the private Facebook group community - top tips, share comments, feedback and support

  • An additional weekly express class (approx. 10/15 mins), delivered as a Facebook live session, but also available on catch up

The forthcoming half term runs from Wednesday 13th January to Wednesday 10th February

Investment: £45

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