One to One Sessions

One to one yoga sessions can be the perfect solution if you are completely new to yoga, returning to yoga or exercise after a long break, recovering from injury or illness, or wish to explore a particular element of your practice in more depth.

Individually tailored to your own needs, I can provide personal guidance on ways in which to modify postures which you might find challenging, explore variations which could deepen your practice and offer targeted poses or sequences to improve strength, stamina, flexibility and mind/body connection.   One to ones can also be an ideal option for those wishing to develop a home yoga practice

These private sessions can also be provided with a partner/friend or maybe even a select group of friends to enjoy a fun, relaxed and sociable way to invest in a little quality yoga time.

Sessions are currently offered in a package to suit you. This can be via Zoom, in a private garden space (observing social distancing), personalised video instructions or a combination of these.

Investment: £45 for a 75 minute 1:1 session


£160 for a 4 session package

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